Homemade heaven

Well thanks to pinterest, my love of making things using natural ingredients is back with a vengeance!

I have made a salt, honey and olive oil scrub from http://daringbakerduluth.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/salt-and-honey-scrub-with-grapefruit.html

and many more including shower scrubs and butter moisturizers 🙂

A very productive day if I say so myself!

A very happy day which is what I am for!

Oh and I made Martha Stewart’s beetroot crisps….mmmm it is safe to say they are all gone now hehe


Blog SOS to blog overhaul

Hello everyone,

I have had this nagging voice in the back of my head recently saying, ‘What about your blog?’ ‘Are you ever going to find a passion to write about on it?’.

Well I have been thinking long and hard. I am pretty lucky really I have no serious problems where a blog would be a good outlet. However I am just a normal girl who is trying to find her way.

I am not going to label my blog as I have many things I love to do! I shall fill it with things I love!

Whether is is food, juice or smoothie recipes, fashion, hair styles, exercise, books, aromatherapy, knitting or sketches.

I will also put images of me hiking soon as I am in the process of forcing my other half to buy the boots so we can go!

So for now keep this blog close and join the path with me!


Home truths

Well it has been a while and by a while I mean a long long time!

I have had 3 assignments due in within the course of 2 weeks and I haven’t even finished them (last one due in week on Monday and not even half way through it) but the other two and done and dusted so that is good for me!

Well the last few months have really opened my eyes. I must say I have not been dieting and I haven’t really exercised other than my walking which because I am not back at University until February is not very often. With this I have realised something. For me I have, since I was young felt lost. I felt like what I was doing in my life it wasn’t me. Especially when it came to my career and what I wanted to do in life. Do not get me wrong even now I am not sure what I want to do with myself most of the time but doing this course feels right, I have always done things that I thought were right like the courses I took at college or going into admin because it was easy to get into and I didn’t need a degree. I never realised that I was so unhappy I kind of pushed it to the back of my mind and got on with my life. It showed though. In my eating, my energy and everything. I can honestly say that even though I am not exercising or eating right my weight is fine I mean I have the odd lumps and bumps but my weight is stable. Which is a first. Do not get me wrong I am getting back into my eating healthy habits and exercise slowly but surely but it was such a shock that within these last 4-6 months I haven’t ballooned like I usually do and I know it is because I am content in where my life is heading, my career, everything!

I still have a lot to work on like my confidence and trust but to be honest nothing really seems like a huge obstacle.

I just thought I would keep you all updated 🙂



Good morning everyone!

I wanted to write a post on massage. Now do not get me wrong I am not a masseuse!

Where do I begin? I know I am not getting any younger (I turned 25 two weeks ago) but I truly believe in the power of massage! I came across a book called Beauty Wisdom and it is all about massage to look younger and feel better within yourself. It has big focuses of facial massage and it’s benefits on stopping the aging clock doing its worse. Now do not get me wrong wrinkles will come I have fine lines already but I know that is due to having a naturally stressed personality! But it does slow the process of wrinkles and aging down. I think every woman would love to look slightly younger for a little while longer!

So give it a go!


Hey everyone,

If any of you have forgotten who I am. Hi my name is Sarah ^_^

Well I do not really have much to up date other than I have not really kept to anything I said I would.

Life is hard. I have made my life hard. It doesn’t have to be.

Words written are easy for me. Actions are hard. Life is actions that is why it is so hard. I can talk and write for England (and America and Russia probably!) but actions, they don’t seem to be for me. Planning I LOVE.

This is my new change.

Small steps.

Step 1 – more action and less talk.

I would say I will keep you updated but I feel that to do that I will have to write every hour of every day of my life!

So I will incorporate steps. One by one into my life.

Too much all at once overwhelms me.

Slow and steady.

Which come to think of it will have to be step 2 because I am terrible at that I am always rushing everything!

So I have been readying all of your blogs and they are wonderful! So helpful, informative and interesting.

Keep it up 🙂

Motivation, fear, negativity and health

Well I do not know if my title caught anyone’s attention but it sums up my topics that are going around in my head at the moment whether these lead to bad or good thoughts.

Let’s start so my mind has been a bit of a mess but I have not let any negativity control me or make me feel really blue which is good.

The fear will this is new I have a strong over whelming fear of my other half leaving me. Now let me explain he loves me I know but the thought of him leaving me really makes me feel sick. The reason this is a problem as for most people it might be a common occurrence. Let me explain more. The fear is more to do with ‘what would I do without him?’ now this may never happen but after the problems we had in the summer it really shook me making me realise how much I depended on him. This makes me sick. I have always been such an independent woman. I know we are a team and I should feel this way. But I want to know that no matter what happens I will be ok. However after the summer I realised this is not the case! So this is what I am focusing on. Not focusing. Well all my life on him anyway 🙂 I will love him and he is a part of my life but I do not want him to be my be all and end all!

Health is lagging at the moment. I am exercising be it yoga, quick strength workout, walking or 30 day shred DVD about 3-4 times a week. It is maintaining my weight but I do not feel healthy. I need to look into this.

Motivation is my big problem I just do not have any.

Kick up the bum is needed

Sorry I just need to write all this stuff for my to realise how much I need to get my life on track. Even though I know their will be bumps in the road!